Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Bucket List

Instead of posting my New Year's resolutions, I thought it would be more fun to talk about things I'd like to plan in 2012. 

We had a Colorado Bucket List before we moved from Colorado of all the things we wanted to do before we left. I am sort of planning the same thing for California, and well since I am leaving California this year what better time to start planning that list too. 

So here goes, my 2012 Bucket List!

- Plan a snowboarding trip to Mammoth
This trip is already planned for this month, so number one on by list will be a success. Mammoth is my favorite and I wanted to go at least one more time before we leave California. 
Mammoth Mountain 2009

- Plan a snowboarding trip to Lake Tahoe
Also already planned, I'd like to go to Tahoe one last time before we leave California too. 
Heavenly - Lake Tahoe 2009

- Go wine tasting in Napa
I've always wanted to go to Napa, it took me three years of living in San Diego before I even went wine tasting in Temecula! While I am here, I might as well do it if I can!

- Road trip on Pacific Coast Highway
At least to Big Sur, and camp on the beach. I've always wanted to drive up the California coast and if I could only do ONE thing before I left, this would be it. 
So beautiful, who needs Hawaii?

- Visit Sequoia National Park

Get a certain piece of left handed jewelry
OK, this may be borderline inappropriate and I can't actually control this happening but it has been four years and a girl can dream! I'm not getting any younger and I'd like to plan my future. My dream ring!
Something like this..

- Be home for the 4th of July
The 4th of July use to be one of my favorite holidays. I loved spending time on our boat with friends at the lake. Since I left home, I haven't been back for a 4th. This will be the year! My best friend is also having her first baby and due on July 8th! And I'm thinking the boyfriend will be tagging along too. What fun!
July 4, 2008 with my dad - Home Sweet Home

- Learn to use my Nikon DSLR
Hand in hand with learning photoshop. I got my Nikon as a pre-Christmas gift and although I am learning a lot, I would like to learn more, buy and learn photoshop and all around, just take more pictures this year!

- Move Home
Last but not least on my 2012 Bucket List is taking a road trip to move back to Home Sweet Michigan. Although I belong in California and I will surely miss it here, I miss my mom and family so much at times it can be painful. I can't have both and well, I guess I have to choose. Michigan has its charm too. Usually only between June - early October, haha. I am excited to continue my moving adventures. No moss has grown on this rolling stone!

xoxo - L


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I love this! We have alot in common!!!

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Hi Leah,
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