Friday, January 13, 2012

Fun Photo Friday

I've already posted today but I was just over at Page: Twenty-Two and noticed Shannon has a Fun Photo Friday link up today. I'm a sucker for link ups.

She asked -- if we could transport ourselves back to a moment in a favorite photo, which would it be? I've got the blahs today so I would love to transport myself into a favorite photo from my past.

I would jump back into this photo

It was our March 2008 family vacation. The whole family including my grama. We were on a cruise ship getting ready for the bon voyage party. It ended up being one of my top family vacations.

Where would you jump back to? Link up here!

Page: Twenty-Two


Page Twenty-Two said...

Thanks for linking up, Leah! Love your photo!! Nothing better than setting sail on a cruise...especially with your whole fam! Happy Friday:)

Courtney*Cakes said...

I have also been in a funk.. Looking through old pictures totally helped!!! Seeing your picture of your happiest moment also put a smile to my face!! :)


Monica said...

how fun! I love looking back at old pictures :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

where was the cruise going to? would love to hear more about your trip!

lsaz said...

It was a Western Caribbean cruise. We went to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cozumel and Haiti. Maybe I'll post about my cruising vacations sometime :)

Victoria said...

how fun!

just stopping over from page twenty two...

happy weekend!