Thursday, January 26, 2012

Its OK Thursday!

Since I had been tagged twice, I wanted to post my Q&A today but I also want to link up with Neely over at A Complete Waste of Makeup for Its OK Thursday. I didn't link up last week and didn't want to miss this week!

Its Ok Thursdays

So, Its OK

-- To post twice today because I didn't want to miss the Its OK Linkup!

-- That I spend my mornings drinking coffee and reading blogs, after I run of course. 

-- That I had a breakdown last week because I hadn't lost weight after eating like a mouse and working out like crazy and breakdown led me to eat a giant cheeseburger and fries. 

-- To absolutely hate the fact that M and I only have one TV in our apartment between the two of us.

-- To want to go to the same Mexican restaurant every Friday. Of course I don't go but I want to!

-- That it is going to be beautiful out today and I might take a little beach break from job hunting/blogging. This girl needs to get some sun on her face!

-- To keep my OKs short and sweet since this is my second post today!


Lydia Criss Mays said...

Happy to have popped by via the blog hop and become your newest follower. I can completely associate with your "breakdown" comment and your "Friday night Mexican food" comment. For me, I think the two contribute to one another. ;)

Can't wait to come back and play soon.

Also, by the look of many of your posts, we think you'd love See Beautiful too!

Happy seeing beautiful!

Jessica said...

Your second one sounds exactly like me. And I usually want to go get the same food every weekend, only its usually sushi, and not mexican. Lol. :)

xx Jessica

Ashley said...

This makes me miss our favorite Mexican restaurant! There aren't really any good Mex. food places in Florida. I would totally eat Mexican at least once a week if we had a good restaurant closer to us. (: Yum yum.

Elle Sees said...

i always wanna go to the mexican restaurant by my house...all the time!

Meg {henninglove} said...

you and i have the same morning routine, run then coffee and blogs!!

Stesha said...

i wish i had your morning routine! love your second post for the day!! haha!!

Classic & Bubbly

Page Twenty-Two said...

I LOVE mexican food - so I'm okay with getting mexican on Friday nights - YUM!

just tututiny said...

I am a Mexican food lover too and want to go EVERY DAY =) Love your SO WHATS!

Kathleen said...

How you feel about your Mexican food restaurant is how I feel about this Sushi place like 5 minutes from my apartment. I'm new to loving Sushi and now I want it ALL THE TIME!

PS. Two posts in one day are ok with me too! :)

Jessica said...

Ohh I love mexican food! Guacmole tacos are my favvv. And I drink my coffee and read blogs each morning, too :)


Alyssa said...

I've had those breakdowns before! :( Not fun but keep up the great work!

Kerri said...

Mexican food is the best! I seriously think I could eat it every single day and be happy! I used to live in SoCal for several years, but now am shivering it up in the East. :) I just got back from a trip out there though. I must have brought the cold with me though, because it was rather chilly! boo! Anyway, just found your blog and am following. Would love for you to follow back! Happy Thursday!

Jes said...

Your blog name is the cutest :)

Anonymous said...

I could eat at my fave restaurant prob twice per week, but then I'd be broke and probably really fat. LOL.