Thursday, July 12, 2012

Remember Me? - I have SO much to catch you up on!

I haven't blogged in what seems like an eternity!

I just don't know how you all seem to keep up. I give each and every one of you so much credit!

Between working a crazy schedule, enjoying what is left of my California days, and planning a move - I just haven't had any time left to blog. I went from spending every waking moment working on my blog to coming back to reality and completely neglecting my blog. I just don't have a balance. 

I just wanted to pop in and give you all some updates on my life! 

M and I went on a sneak preview of my dream trip a few weeks ago - we drove up the California coast and camped in Big Sur. Words can not describe how beautiful it was. 

Meanwhile, we are planning a move. I've mentioned in quite a few past posts how we were planning on moving back to Michigan. Well, the date is quickly approaching and we are packing up and leaving California two weeks from tomorrow! Oh how time can fly!

In the most exciting news, I am ENGAGED!

I've been waiting and waiting SO long to say those words! M proposed almost two weeks ago on the beach. So now not only am I planning a move back home but we will be planning a wedding as well! 

He proposed with the most beautiful ring! He did a great job! It is absolutely perfect!

Once I get settled in back home in Michigan I hope to blog a little more when I find the time once again in between jobs. I look forward to getting caught back up and continuing my virtual scrapbook!