Friday, January 27, 2012

Do You Wine?

I use to be a red wine drinker and recently I've switched to white. I like sweet Rieslings and Muscats.

I've always wanted to try different white wines but I never knew what to try and I never knew what I'd like. My mom started drinking Riesling and I was hooked. While wine tasting in Temecula this past fall I discovered Muscats, another type of sweet white wine.

While in the grocery store a couple of months ago I came across a brand of wine called Flip Flop. Now its no secret that I am a beach girl and could live my life in flip flops. I just had to have that wine. I found a Flip Flop Moscato and it was love at first drink.

I found it funny that I picked random bottle of wine by its label and actually fell in love with it. Ever since I've been buying wine by the label. I recently found a Chill Out Moscato. I liked the beachy label. It wasn't too bad but not as good as my Flip Flop.

I've seen the Cupcake brand of wine in the stores and I think it was on a blog the other day that I saw someone talking about it. I like cupcakes and although the brand of wine never peaked my interest before, after seeing someone talk about it I decided to look into it further.

I went to the Cupcake Wine website and found they have a wine called Angel Food! I've been on the search for it ever since but have not been successful. However I did find a Cupcake Riesling.

This is how I wine. 

Yes, I even have a flip flop coaster for my wine glass to wear. 

My favorite wines at the moment are the Flip Flop Moscato, Chateau St. Michelle Late Harvest Riesling and a Muscat from a local winery in Temecula, Maurice Carrie. 


Page Twenty-Two said...

My sister Brittney LOVES Barefoot Moscato! I usually get her a bottle every year for her bday:) I am partial to reds but Moscato is a delicious dessert wine - YUM! Now i'm anxious for 5:00!

P.S. adding your button to my blog now:)

Jessica said...

Moscato is my favvvvorite kind of wine :)
And Flip Flop is my go-to brand (can't beat the price) lol

Happy Friday, girl!


Monica said...

I have to try and find Flip Flop by me! I often try wines just by their label as well!

Kerri said...

It's so funny. I totally used to live semi-near Temecula! I actually don't drink alchohol at all, but the names are so fun! The cupcake one especially. :)

Amanda said...

I'm both a red and white drinker! My white of choice though is Saugvinon Blanc, preferably from New Zealand. Hope you have a great weekend!

Lydia Criss Mays said...

LOVE finding wines by the label. Middle sister is one I'm always giving my middle sister. ;) Thanks for the other recommendations.

P.S., We're giving away a little freebie on See Beautiful today in honor of our pay it forward Friday posts. Feel free to pop on over and play if you wish.

Ohterwise, happy seeing (or drinking) beautiful!

Donna said...

I love Chateau St. Michelle's Riesling too!!! I'm going to have to pick up a bottle of that Flip Flop you know, I'm a flip flop girl myself too :)

I'm a huge winehead, so I love all whites and reds. The Cupcake brand makes a Red Velvet Cupcake wine which I've been dying to try!

I also bought those same coasters you have for a friend's birthday! Ha Ha we're too much alike...I think we should have a Virtual Wine Tasting! xox

Kara said...

Moscato is my favorite kind of wine, but I've never tried Flip Flop. Now I will definitely pick some up to try!

Jessica said...

I LOVE wine. I drink it all. I love whites and reds, but lately I've been drinking a lot of Malbecs and Pinot Noirs. I've always loved Riesling, but I actually didn't care for the Cupcake one. Either way, I love wine!

xx Jessica

Chocolate Wines said...

I Love this. This is amazing. When buying for a gift or a party, I like to buy bottles with pretty labels that coordinate with my event..

Ugly Duckling said...

I wine! :) You actually have a very similar choice in wines to me. I love Rieslings and also White Zinfandels. You've made me want a glass now!



Carisa said...

Just found your blog through pinteresting wednesday! I love love love flip flop wine! All the kinds they make are the best, I am not a moscato girl but I definatly love their chardonnay! Thanks for your sharing a post about wine, im deffinetly a wino ;)