Sunday, January 8, 2012

Photoshop Fun

Behind on the times, I've never used Photoshop. *Gasp* Until now...

I debated whether to get Photoshop to use with my new Nikon DSLR for some time and I finally decided to download a free trail. I've heard how tough Photoshop can be and being an impatient person I knew this wouldn't be for the best idea. 

Frustrated? - Yes. 
Amazed? - Totally.

I want to know how to do everything now. And I want to be good at everything now. 

But I can only learn one thing at a time. I was very excited to learn how to photoshop someone into a picture. Instantly I had a brilliant idea. 

Photoshop M into our family vacation which he didn't attend last spring! Here is the result:

Original picture of my dad and I on the pool deck of our cruise ship

Original picture of M somewhere in Colorado on some adventure last summer

Add them to ME + being a Photoshop amateur =

M's first cruise!

I laughed my ace off. 
I sent it to my mom. My parents laughed their aces off. 
I showed it to M, still laughing. The first thing he says - "It looks good but my shoulder looks weird."

I didn't care. I was still laughing. Duh, it doest look perfect. It was a rush job. For a first timer, I think I did pretty well. Yeah, I think its obvious that his shoulder looks weird. Actually my dad's arm looks weird. But whatever, not the point. I'm still proud. Stay tuned to see what our photoshoped kids will look like. 

What else can I do with Photoshop that I've been missing out on? Let me know!



Holly said...

I'm a Photoshop addict! I can waste away hours in Photoshop!

Cute blog :)

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