Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blogger's Biggest Loser -- Week Two

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Blogger's Biggest Loser

I'm trying to lose a pesky 25 lbs that I put on while living in Colorado. After moving in with M, I guess they could be called "love pounds". 

My heart hasn't been fully into losing it since I moved back to California and I blame eating too much love. So since the first of the year I've been working hard on the portion control in addition to running as I always have and drinking a ton of water. 

My goal is to be back in my skinny jeans -- which I haven't seen since the day I moved to Colorado -- by summer.

Since Jan 1st I've only lost 5 lbs. I know I am capable of way more. But a pound is a pound and I have to be patient! Funny that I don't think 5 pounds is a lot to lose but if it were the other way around and I had gained 5 pounds... woah. Anyway -- enough rambling.

Today I am going to talk about Working Out...

I've just about tried it all. 
Running -- Swimming -- Yoga -- Pure Barre -- Kickboxing -- Pilates -- Zumba 
Just off the top of my head. 

Swimming is by far my favorite workout. I find it relaxing and enjoyable and I love the killer results of how toned my body is if I swim a couple times a week. Finding a swimming hole, however, hasn't always been easy. 

I like kickboxing, I use to do it in college. When I lived in Colorado I found a kickboxing class at a jiu jitsu place that a co-worker recommended. We used boxing gloves and bags and everything! I loved it! However, the class times and location were a bit inconvenient for my schedule and I only attended a few times. 

I love Pilates. I do not love all of the new reformer Pilates stuff. Although I've never tried it, and don't knock it til you try it, it seems way more expensive. I like the original stuff and usually will do some moves that I learned though past classes on my own. 

I've done Zumba once. Liked it. I just didn't feel like it was giving me the full body workout that running does. Also, I am weird about my workouts because I feel some things make my legs bulky. I know -- I'm weird. I'm also not one that wants to join a gym. I'd rather run -- for free -- outside. 

Yoga. Oh, yoga. I've tried to like you. I've tried hot yoga three times. All three times I almost blacked out. I actually left my first hot yoga class early because my blackout feeling was so bad. I guess its more embarrassing for me to fall over than leave a class early. I wanted to give yoga another shot and I did. Same feeling. I really wanted to love yoga because I'd like to become stretchy and more flexible. Again though, another thing to pay for. And yoga isn't cheap!

Pure Barre. Holy expensive. I tried Pure Barre through a Groupon I had. I thought it sounded awesome. I would die to have legs like a ballerina. My first class almost made me black out. I'm not that out of shape guys, I am just prone to passing out! And it was really hot in the room, I was having flashbacks to hot yoga. Anyway, I made myself go to all of the classes on my Groupon. I liked the way it made me feel but all of the other girls in the class were about 1/3 my size. I was beginning to feel pretty insecure and came to conclude I was never going to have ballerina legs. Plus, after my Groupon I was never going to be able to afford a membership. 

So that brings me to running. I've blogged about running here. It seems to work for me. Its free. Its what I do. 

In addition to running and swimming, I lift 10 lb dumbbells a couple times a week, do a few Pilates moves as my crunches and do 20 - 30 push ups a day. In sets of 10.

What works for you? What is your favorite? What do you hate?


Selina. said...

good luck on your goals girl!! as for yoga there is no need to pay for anything check out the internets look for the sun salutation (its not a long one but its a good beginner routine) and do it at home its very relaxing and good for stretching out! i really like your blog you have a new follower ;)

Celia said...

good luck! ...and wow, yea i never thought about losing weight that way. i've only lost 4lbs in the last 2 weeks. i was a little bummed, but oof if i would have gained. YIKES!

Katy said...

Keep up the good work! I was a swimmer for 16 years and it was the best workout ever! I can't bring myself to swim anymore (swimming in college burnt me out on the sport), but I run now to keep in shape and I love that it's a free way to workout and that I can do it on my own schedule.

Kara said...

Hey there! Found your blog through Bloggers Biggest Loser :) I have a love/hate relationship with running as well, and I can definitely feel it when I take a break from it. It's tough to keep up with!

I'm participating in a community weight loss contest...scary! Stop by my blog sometime, looking forward to reading more of yours!

Jessica said...

I've always wanted to try yoga, and even hot yoga, but, like you said, it's expensive. And I'm cheap. Running outside is free, and so that's what I love to do. Zumba actually really worked for me, I managed to lose 37 pounds with it, and walking/running. But I don't do it often enough anymore. Lately I've just been running. I need to start doing something else, haha. :)

xx Jessica

Page Twenty-Two said...

I've been doing a class that is a mix of yoga and pilates and it is fantastic! Its called Centergy and the room is not hot!! So don't worry - you won't pass out:) I wouldn't do hot yoga either...the thought scares me a bit!! Good luck with finding the right fitness routine for you!