Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's OK! Thursday

Hi everyone! It's my first time linking up at A Complete Waste of MakeupI happened to find the It's Ok link-up last week and thought it was such a fun idea! I've been trying to participate in link ups to get traffic on my page and hopefully gain some followers! And I am finding link-ups are totally fun!

And to all of my new followers, welcome to my page! And thank you!

Anyway, here's what I am saying "It's OK" to...

Its Ok Thursdays

-- That I spent the 80 degree days last week on the beach instead of job searching. At least it was free.

-- That I am in constant fear of something happening to my mom. I would be lost without her.

-- That I am 28 and still have no idea what I want to do with my life, and to feel anxious about that ::often::.

-- To feel bitter about all the recent engagements and impatiently wonder "when will it be MY turn?!!"

-- To already be planning my nonexistent wedding, thank you Pinterest.

-- That I am a couple years late to the blogging world and I have no idea what I am doing. I don't know how to design my page and Photoshop makes me want to have a breakdown.

-- That blogging has recently consumed ALL of my time.

-- That I am a homebody and don't feel like socializing sometimes. M is all I need!

-- To need chocolate daily!

-- That I challenged myself to run straight from Sunday through Friday and missed Tuesday. I had an interview.

I can't wait to see whats ok with you today! 


Page Twenty-Two said...

Great post! I love this link up:) I feel ya about not knowing what you want to do with your life...I feel that way every day! We're still young:) Happy Thursday!

Mia Maree said...

yay for new bloggers! I'm new as well and just learning as I go! It's OK has been a ton of fun!

Punctuation Mark said...

very cute post!

Becca Christensen said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! : ] If it makes you feel any better, I'm constantly changing my mind about what I want to be when I grow up too, and I'm 26 and I have a good career right now! ha ha. Yay for the beach. I'm in Tampa and it's supposed to be beautiful this weekend - I fully intend to tan by my pool. : ]

Welcome to 'it's ok Thursdays'!!

Meg {henninglove} said...

hey girl i'm 28 and still unsure what i want to do with my life. does it stress it me out, you sure bet it does! why can't i figure it out?? and it will be your turn, don't worry!! it will!

Katy said...

I too am new to the blogging world and feel completely lost! Your blog is very cute though! I also remember feeling bitter whenever I heard about someone getting engaged; my now-husband and I dated for six and a half years before becoming engaged. It will happen when you least expect though ;o)

Monica said...

OOh how I would kill for an 80 degree day!! Dont worry I have been blogging for a year and I still get so anxious about things!

Christi and Heather said...

We like your thinking!! New follower!

Alyssa said...

Ohhh girl! I think when will it be my turn all.the.time! You are so not alone!

Angel said...

I am with you on the not knowing what I want to be! I need to go to the beach I might make a day trip next paycheck. I am also feeling jealous and bitter about all the engagements when I don't have an official one yet. I have an "understanding" but no ring or actual proposal, the only reason I even have the "understanding" is after we were dating for 7 years I basically said are we or aren't we? now we've been dating 10 years and nothing official.

Cori H. said...

I can't help but feel bitter when I see someone else getting engaged. I'm always wondering when it will be my turn. I plan my non-existent wedding on Pinterest too, haha!

New follower! :)

Jessica said...

I just need to say that I'm moving to San Diego in exactly 30 days, and it seems like I have some things in common with you.. I'm currently job searching and have NO IDEA what I want to do with my life, and I guess because of that I'm also a homebody and don't feel like socializing all the time. Oh. And blogging sorta took over my time as well. Sorry if I'm being awkward! Lol.

xx Jessica