Monday, March 26, 2012

New Year's Resolution

You are probably thinking, why is this crazy girl talking about New Year's resolutions in March?

Well, I am going to tell you about a New Year's resolution that I planned on making and didn't. And I am really feeling the need. Maybe I'll make it my spring resolution.

Back in the fall I was addicted to the internet. I was on Pinterest pinning things all day and night. I was also frantically searching for jobs. It seemed the internet consumed most of my time. It was getting ugly. I would be sitting next to M on the couch with my mac on my lap spending minimal time with M, and more time online. 

I resolved that with the new year, I would disconnect and spend less time online. I told myself there would be no more internet at night. I would spend more time in reality and give more attention to M. 

Well, I decided to start this little ol blog in January. My internet addiction became tenfold. 

Now that I have a job, things are worse. When I get home, I jump on my e-mail and blogger and barely connect with M. Between keeping up with work, working out, staying in touch with friends and family, and blogging, I feel like I give M 15 minutes of my day. 

 I'm talking about too much technology vs reality. I need to log off more.

I know there are ways to find a balance, and I am in no way thinking of quitting blogging. This isn't a cry for help to ask "how do you all find your balance". I just think I may need a technology intervention so I can become more in touch with reality once again. You know, the simple days. What did we all do before Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and blogging?

I'll be guest posting for Ophelia today over at Always Ophelia. Go check out her blog and give her some love!


Page Twenty-Two said...

I always wish that I could give it up too! Unfortunately I work in the online marketing/social media industry so these things are thrown in my face all day long! I would LOVE to unplug every day when I get home from work - you've just inspired me:)

ms.composure said...

stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed reading this post!!

Anonymous said...

i always wonder how did i stay entertained when i was younger! i guess i just had to get off my butt and go play outside!

The Sweet Life said...

Amen sister! I struggle with this daily!!! I love blogging, but it really can consume almost all of your time if you let it. One thing that I've really found helpful is scheduling posts.... I try to allot a certain amount of time on sunday afternoons to schedule at least 3 posts for the week. It really helps me to unplug more during the week. :)

Anyways found your fabulous little blog through Ophelia today and I'm your newest follower. I love traveling and my family...and blogging. We should be great friends! Happy Monday!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

right there with you girl. i have NO idea what i did before facebook, twitter, blogger, instagram, and pinterest. it's all just too addicting. and i need to be better at spending time with the mister when he comes home from a long day at work and school. i'll join your little unplug resolution ;)
xo TJ

Ashley said...

You read my mind! I actually haven't been blogging as much as I would like, but it's been a bit much for me to handle lately. I just don't have the time for work, husband, cooking, cleaning, etc... so blogging has sort of fallen to the bottom of my list. I almost never miss facebook after deleting it last fall. Unplugging can be a very good thing.

I don't see anything wrong with creating new resolutions for yourself whenever you feel like it. (:

Rachel said...

I totally know what you mean! I love blogging and connecting with people on social internet sites so it's so easy to get sucked in. Make a priorities list! And set aside a certain amount of time, or one or two tasks to complete while your on the computer. Once the time is up or you finished what you limited yourself to, close that computer!!

CMae said...

Leah!!!!!!!!! LOL You are back on the blog circuit!! Yay! So you ditched the first blog eh? I'm glad you are back! It was funny to stumble on your blog I was like HEY I recognize that face! Wait---I know that girl!!! :)

With Glitter On Top said...

just came across your blog :):) LOVE IT! I'm now a follower, please come check out my blog as well :)