Monday, March 19, 2012

A Green Weekend

I started my weekend by having Friday as one of my days off. I used my time to make some yummy St. Patrick's Day grub - shepherd's pie and mint oreo brownies.

I am not a fan of mint chocolate so I had no hidden agenda behind making these brownies special for M. I gave up chocolate for Lent and mixing a little mint in there makes it so I am not tempted to devour the whole pan.

M and I kicked off the St. Patrick's festivities with a little Friday night happy hour at one of my favorite brewpubs, Karl Strauss. Karl Strauss has some great beer and some amazing food. I decided to start St. Patrick's Day early with a couple Oatmeal Stouts and some fish and chips. 

Black garlic fondue

Incredible fish & chips

Saturday, we braved the blustery wind and rain and hoofed it to the bars that opened earliest. We made it to an Irish pub for some 9am Guinness and complementary breakfast "kegs and eggs". We do it right around here. 

The wind blew strong all night and I was dreading working Sunday morning for two reasons. No, not the reason you are thinking, I was actually not hungover after drinking Guinness and Car Bombs all day. 

I was dreading work because after working for 7 straight days, two days off just wasn't enough. Also, the weather was still blowing like a hurricane and I wasn't looking forward to just sitting there, not doing anything for 8 hours. 

The ocean had come up to the street!

Huge waves

Really cold, really windy

I hope you all had a great weekend! 


Monica said...

Sounds like a great weekend, except the work part lol those brownies look amazing!

Anonymous said...

Sounds Ike a fun weekend! Too bad the weather was crappy, it was pretty gross here too.

Amanda said...

That green dessert looks so tasty!!! Yummy in my tummy! I can't wait to celebrate St. Patty's next week! P.S. Emailed you back aobut running shoes :)

Jessica said...

Yay Karl Strauss! Definitely good beer. Yesterday Jim and I went to the Coronado Brewing Co., which was our first brewery. We've definitely got more to check out. And how about the crazy weather this weekend? Bleh. Glad you had a fun St. Patrick's Day! :)

xx Jess

Kara said...

It surprises me that SD had such crappy weather! Those days were always rare when I lived there.

Also, that dessert looks delish!

Alissa said...

So many bloggers celebrated St. Patty's sans beer. I'm glad you didn't!

Oatmeal Stout sounds amazing!