Friday, March 9, 2012

Fun Photo Friday & Today Isn't My Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Not for me! I no longer live the life of "TGIF" and looking forward to having a bottle of wine or one too many beers at happy hour tonight. Today is the beginning of my week. I work today and all though the weekend and for the next seven days actually. Next Thursday will be my Friday, if you follow. The only thing that matters is that I will have St. Patrick's Day off!

I'm linking up with Shannon for fun photo Friday. Today I would jump back into this picture.

It was our first day and first drink on the Allure of the Seas last April. Oh how I wish I could go back.

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Page Twenty-Two said...

Love this pic!! Wishing I had a Corona right now:) I hope the weather is at least nice if you have to work all weekend:(

Cori H. said...

Hope you have a good work week! I would love to be somewhere tropical with a drink in my hands right now!