Thursday, March 29, 2012

Last Day At Big Bear

Last weekend we went to Bear Mountain for what will be our last time since we're leaving California before next winter.

I remember my first time going to Bear. I went by myself and it was after a storm. I had to get chains for my tires.

Sorry about the quality, I take picture on icy mountain roads while driving. You get what you see.

My chains got stuck on my tires and I was frantically trying to get to the bottom of the mountain before sunset. 

It was where I taught M how to snowboard. 

It is where you can snowboard in hoodies because its so warm. 

It is where I became brave and started hitting jumps.

It is where I broke my arm.

And still went snowboarding with my cast.

M and I spent a New Year's eve at Bear in 2008.

Terrible picture, but its all I have to document the night. New Year's Eve 2008.

We stopped by the brewery on our way out this past weekend. 

Tangerine Wheat

I'm going to miss Bear Mountain!


Cori H. said...

Leah! I've been a terrible friend and haven't commented in forever! Sounds like you have a lot of incredible memories of Big Bear. Love the pictures!

Jessica said...

Great pictures! Another place I have to visit. ;)

xx Jess