Thursday, March 8, 2012

March Photo Challenge - Part I

I'm having a serious problem with this March photo challenge. Problem is, its only March 7th and I can't keep up. Honestly, I've been behind since day four. 

I can't keep up with something when it becomes a chore. When I start getting frantic and overwhelmed over something that should be enjoyable, I've got a problem. Thats what happened to my last blog, I turned Project 365 into a blog last year and it felt like more of a chore than a project. 

I love taking pictures and I even got a brand new Nikon before Christmas. I wanted to take the March photo challenge and turn it into artistic pictures using my new camera, not just take any ol picture of the day. Now that I am working full time, its hard enough to keep up with work, running/swimming, blogging and spending time with M. 

Here's what I've got so far...

March 2 - Fruit - Taken with my iPhone, not my Nikon after a frantic day of my car not starting, scrambling to get to work, frantically coordinating M to get my car to the shop before I got home from work, then picking my car up after M picked me up from work. See what I mean? Life happens... Fruit - Grapes on my wine coaster or could even be the grapes in the wine.

March 3 - Your Neighborhood - This is right outside my door. I live on top of a hill at a surf park and I am lucky enough to call this view my neighborhood!

March 4 - Bedside - This is where all the magic happens. Not that kind of magic, get your head outta the gutter! This is my precious desk where I blog. I absolutely love my desk, I bought it in Colorado and it was my scrapbooking desk. Now it is in the corner of our bedroom, or bedside. If you didn't notice the "Keep Your Sunnyside Up" sign on the wall, that sign has a special meaning and is part of how my blog got its name.

March 5 - A Smile - I love tiki guys and this guy is on our wall. This is my interpretation of a smile.

March 6 - 5PM - I was getting my hair done at 5pm. I hate this picture but hey, it was 5pm.

March 7 - Something You Wore - I had the day off so there wasn't anything significant that I wore. I wore my new hair color. I got some lowlights and I don't like em. I cringe as I post this photo!

March 8 - Window - Ok, I'm cheating a little bit here. This wasn't taken today, this was taken when I lived in my studio apartment on the beach. It was the best window view ever and I lived there for three years!

See Day 1 here.


Stephen said...

Love the neighbourhood picture!

Monica said...

I tried to keep up with it...I have like every other day so far

Emily said...

Don't give up... it's ok if you get a little behind, don't try to do the past days, just jump back in with that day!

Kathleen said...

I ADORE the view of your neighborhood! Seriously I would die if that is what I woke up to every morning. :) PS. I'm 2 days behind on my Picture a Day project. womp womp....luckily it just says to take a picture a day...doesn't say anything about having to POST it the day you took it! lol Have a great rest of your day! :)