Thursday, March 22, 2012

Home Sweet Home Michigan

Last Wednesday, Kathleen at Places I Will Go posted a Texas inspired pinterest post. Looking though her pins made me want to post a Michigan inspired pinterest post. 

I'm doubling up on the pinterest posts this week because I want to share a little bit of home with you. Looking through these pins made me feel pretty excited at the thought of moving back. Michigan can be so beautiful and it took moving across the country to realize it.

Its been in the mid to high 70's in Michigan the past week which is really unusual for mid March. Its already making me sad thinking I may miss a summer at home this year and I'm beginning to think about getting my priorities in order. (Boating with the family).

This is where I grew up!! Indian River - the inland waterways

Pictured Rocks

Mackinaw Fort

Mackinaw Bridge

Fall in Michigan

Mackinaw Bridge - I spent so much of my childhood in Mackinaw and its still one of my favorite places to go!

One of my favorite pictures

Tahquamenon Falls, Upper Peninsula

Sleeping Bear Dunes 

Petoskey stone

Petoskey, MI - This is 20 minutes from where I grew up



 Sleeping Bear Dunes  

Although I love a lot of things about California and I will miss it so much when I am gone, I am really looking forward to beginning my next chapter back home in Michigan. I can't wait to be close to family and friends again. There is nothing like summertime in Northern Michigan.

Although I will dread long lasting winters, there are a lot of things about Michigan that make enduring them worth it.


Page Twenty-Two said...

WOW - I've never been to Michigan but seeing these pictures makes me want to visit - just beautiful!!!

Kathleen said...

Yay! Glad I could be a good inspiration for you! :) Love your Michigan pins!

Jessica said...

Wow these are gorgeous photos. Honestly, I never knew it was so beautiful there! I've never been, but these kinda make me want to visit. :)

xx Jessica

Ashley said...

Seeing all of these gorgeous photos makes me want to cry. I miss the Mitten state! If I don't get back there some time this summer I might die. Seriously.

Amber said...

LOVING this! Just said to J that there are so many pictures here that I want to do this summer! Its amazing all of the gorgeous places that are so close... can you believe he has never been to Bronners??!?!? Craziness!!!