Saturday, February 18, 2012

Workin Hard For The Money

Today is my first day of training at my new job so I thought it would be appropriate to post about my work history since being back in San Diego and reveal my new job.

Long story short...when I moved back to San Diego, I didn't have a job. I also didn't think I would have too much trouble finding one. I was right. About a month after being here I was contacted about a couple of administrative temp jobs. From there I was offered a position at Panera Bread. 

I am not one to quit a job unless I am moving, I am definitely not one to quit a job 6 weeks after starting unless there is a really good reason. Well, to keep it short, I was mislead at Panera and dealt with some pretty horrible management. I had a pretty good lead on another great job and took my chances. I quit Panera without having another offer. 

A couple weeks later I ended up getting the great job I had a lead on. I was going to be a Logistics Manager for a startup company that imported wine and spirits. The office was small, it was 3 miles away, the CEO and founder of the company held "beer thirty" and played pool every afternoon. Too good to be true you say? Yup. I was slower than molasses working part time before Christmas. I was told that come January I would be so busy I wouldn't know what to do. I went home to Michigan for Christmas and the guys told me not to come back until January 3rd. The day before New Year's Eve I received a phone call telling me business wasn't going to pick up and there was no longer a job for me. Sweet.

Then I started blogging.

I feel like I've been looking for a job way longer than a month and a half. Mostly because I've had so many leads and been let down. Well, the day has finally come my friends! I applied for a job at La Jolla Bike and Kayak that I found on February 4th. I was asked to come in and fill out an application the next day. I was contacted two days later to come in for an interview and "ride along" which meant a two hour kayaking tour! Coolest interview ever? Not for the girl who can't get water in her ears. Anyway, the day the interview was scheduled it was raining so it had to be rescheduled. It ended up being rescheduled again because of high surf. Well finally, last Thursday, I had my interview and got the job!

This is probably one of the coolest jobs ever! I hope. Well, the kayak guides would be the coolest job ever. But I can't do that because again, my ears suck.  I'm going to be a sales rep. The place is tucked back on the other side of La Jolla cove and when I am back there I feel like I am on some island going on an excursion from a cruise ship. You all know how much I love cruises! Love em!

Excursion in Grand Cayman - 2008

The best part is, besides working on the beach all day, it is a seasonal position so come end of summer when I am at a crossroads in my life, I won't have the stress of feeling bad quitting yet another job. Exiting stuff.


Cori H. said...

Sounds like a fun job! Congrats!

SeƱorita said...

Just stumbled upon your blog... Loved reading this post. Sounds you've had a lot of ups and downs, and I am happy to hear that things are looking up and staying there. Hope your job continues to make you happy and I looking forward to hearing how things go....

Misty said...

What a cool place to work! Great scenery too.

Katie said...

Slightly jealous, but super excited for you!! Maybe we can all enjoy your job with you...lots of pictures of your view?!! :)