Monday, February 6, 2012

SoCal Blogger Meetup Recap

Saturday was the SoCal Blogger Meetup in La Jolla at Roppongi Sushi Bar. This place was right down the road from me which was awesome!

First of all, shame on me for not taking any pictures. I know, what the ... right? For some crazy reason I always feel weird bringing my big ol camera out in social situations or at restaurants. I'm weird, I know. I should have felt comfortable because I was surrounded by bloggers and hello, thats what we do! How do I overcome the fear of bringing my camera out wherever I go?

During the meetup, about 60 girls had the chance to mingle on the outside patio at Roppongi. We played a couple of games and there were three different raffle drawings. We sipped on drinks and there were complimentary hors d'oeuvres and desserts. We also each left with a goodie bag.

I met some really great people. I met Misty, who blogs over at Through A Photographer's Eyes. She is a really down to earth and funny person. I checked out her blog when I came home and her pictures are amazing! I would love to get a lesson or two in photography from her! Don't take my word for it, go see for yourself!

I met Devon, who blogs over at The Mermaid Chronicles. I had three people ask if I was Devon when I first arrived. After that, I just had to meet this Devon and I am so glad I did!! Devon is a surfer sponsored by Roxy who has traveled the world surfing. A real life Roxy girl! I've always been called a California girl and a Roxy girl because that is about all I wear and meeting a true Roxy sponsored surfer was pretty awesome. Not to mention Devon was a really down to earth, sweet person and we had a lot in common. It was so great talking to her. Check out her blog to see a ton of amazing beachy surf pictures and learn more about her and what she does!

Finally I met Meg, over at Henning Love. Meg was one person I was dying to meet. She was one of my first followers and one of the few people attending that I had actually exchanged quite a few comments with over the past month prior to the meet up. I was so excited to actually meet Meg in person! I've only been blogging for about a month but now I see how easy it can be to meet friends though blogging. Meg and I had so much in common. She was one of the girls who lives a little farther away which totally bums me out because I would love to hang out with her more. I just can't say enough good things about Meg!

In addition to meeting some pretty awesome people, I mentioned that I won two raffle prizes. The first thing I won was a sweet poster from Orange & Park. I am super excited about this because I've seen them around San Diego and I've been wanting one. I have the San Diego surf art, which is cool because one of the surf parks is also the street I live on. I can't wait to get it framed and hang it on my wall forever. Wherever I may go. Orange & Park sells art and stationary, check them out if you get a chance!

The second thing I won was an unlimited month of free yoga at Corepower Yoga. Unlimited! How cool is that? Funny story though. I've blogged about my history with yoga before and how I tried to love yoga. Unfortunately, hot yoga makes me feel like passing out every time I try it. The first time I went I had to leave the class. How embarrassing, but more embarrassing if someone would have had to scrape me off the floor of the studio, right? I was having a conversation with Meg about this just minutes before the last raffle. When they announced the Corepower certificate was up for grabs, I mentioned to Meg, "If I win that I'll try hot yoga again". Before I could get the words out I heard my name being called. Fate? I think I am starting out slow with some Yoga Pilates, since I love pilates. I will be taking full advantage of my free month though. Come March, I'll be able to do things like this:

Ok, so more realistically, I'll probably just be downward dogging my way into March. 


Tammy @ Lemons, Avocados, and the Bay said...

Haha hope you enjoy the yoga classes ;)

So glad you came and met some sweet girls too

Page Twenty-Two said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time!! Hope you enjoy your yoga classes too:)

Samantha said...

Looks like such a fun time! I hope to go to the next SoCal blogger meet up! :)

I'm your newest follower!


Meg {henninglove} said...

so glad we finally got to met and i am so bummed we don't live closer either because we would be hiking, doing pilates until our tushies fell off! i still cant believe how we were talking about yoga and then you won that prize, talk about perfect timing. cant wait to meet up with you again and good luck tomorrow!

Amanda said...

Awesome that you won so much! And I'm jealous that you got to go to this meetup... If only I didn't live on the East Coast, except I'm such a total New England girl (except I'm a Giants fan, woo!). Anyways, I digress. I'm jealous of your unlimited yoga for a month! I just got a Groupon for 5 classes for $33 which is a good deal, but not as good as yours. Happy Monday!

Kai.Mercado. said...

SO jealous you won the poster...i think I might have to break down and buy one for myself.

I am so glad you had fun! We were really happy to get to meet you!

Monica said...

Sounds like a great time! I would love to attend a blogger meetup in Chicago. I need to find one!

Anonymous said...

That's so great that you won free yoga classes! I used to do yoga all the time but then got out of it. I've never taken a class though, which is something I really want to do!