Friday, February 3, 2012

I Love Me A Good Hot Dog & Fun Photo Friday

Last night when M came home he notified me there was a hot dog food truck parked outside our apartment. Food trucks have gotten to be a pretty big deal in San Diego lately, they are popping up everywhere. Although I didn't really plan on eating dinner I encouraged M to check it out because I love me a good hot dog and I wanted a bite! 

We walked up to the corner and sure enough, there was The Dog Shack. It was spur of the moment and of course I didn't take any of my own pictures to share.
Image courtesy of Google Images  

M ordered a 1/4 lb dog and some curly fries and yes, I got my bite. Or two. Hot dogs gross a lot of people out but not me!

I am linking up with Shannon over at Page: Twenty-Two for Fun Photo Friday! Lately it seems like fun photo Friday comes at just the right moment when I want to get away. You can link up here!

Page: Twenty-Two
All you have to do is link up with a photo that you would transport yourself back to today if you could.

Today I would transport back into this photo with my mommy :)

It was May 2009 and we were on a mother/daughter trip to Sarasota, FL. I can't say it was the best mother daughter trip because they've all been equally awesome. We've also been to Clearwater Beach, FL, Las Vegas and San Francisco on our little getaways. 

Since I moved away my mom will try to visit me once a year or we'll plan a mother/daughter meet up, if I am lucky then both! 

We haven't done the mother/daughter thing in a couple years but last year we did a family cruise. 

In April, my mommy is coming back to San Diego to visit me though!! I can't wait!


Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

Looks yummy! I would eat the heck out of some hot dogs lol. I'll let you know if we stop in San Diego!

Page Twenty-Two said...

LOVE this photo (and that hot dog cart haha) Your sun dress is so cute:) I love going on trips with my mom!! Thanks for linking up!

Monica said...

I love hot dogs! I need to plan a trip with my mom now that I will be living so far away from her!

Jessica said...

Mmm I haven't had a good hot dog in a really long time. Sounds delish!

I'll definitely have to plan a trip or something with my mom. I'm already living so far away from her, and in two weeks I'll be even farther away. :( But it's ok.

xx Jessica

Amanda said...

I am so jealous of that tan! Look at you girl! I like that you would transport yourself back to a mother daughter trip. Those are the best. Oh, and I'm a huge hot dog fan! Love them!

Courtney Johnson said...

Aww. I like the idea of a mother/daughter meet-up vacation... I think I am stealing it... :)

Katy said...

Hot dogs are delicious and considered a meal in my house! Love that picture of you and your mom. I'm ready for a tan and some sunshine!