Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wavehouse San Diego - Just Keep Swimming

I have the most exciting news ever! Exciting news applies to me.

The Wavehouse pool is opening back up!

In order for you to better understand, let me tell you what the Wavehouse is, give a little background about the pool and let you know that swimming is my absolute favorite workout.

Swimming is my absolute favorite workout.

I love swimming, it is peaceful most of the time and relaxing and such a great full body workout at the same time. I love the results swimming gives my body. It shrinks my hips and butt and tones my chest and arms. Once upon a time I use to be skinny. I thank running combined with swimming.

The Wavehouse is a pretty sweet beach bar in Mission Beach. Connected to the bar is the Wavehouse Athletic Club, which is a gym. Inside the gym is The Plunge, which is the largest swimming pool you will ever see. Its pretty historic but now it is, or was, a part of the Wavehouse Athletic Club. If you are a member, like I was for three years, you get access to this amazing pool.

When I lived in San Diego my first time, I lived about 1/4 mile from the Wavehouse. I was a member and would ride my bike to swim about three times a week. I was in great shape. 

When I moved to Colorado, I obviously couldn't find a swimming pool to compare. Nothing compares to this place. 

I can't find pictures that do justice to the size of this place.

Anyway, finding a nice pool in Colorado was a fail. I did find a pool that I'd use but it was small and overcrowded. When I knew I was moving back to San Diego from Colorado, all I could think about was getting back in shape at the Wavehouse. I was beyond looking forward to swimming three times a week again and one of the first things I was going to do when I got back was sign up for a membership. 

Things went downhill on May 26th, 2011 - just a few short months before I moved. I was at work and decided to take a look at the Wavehouse online because I was so looking forward to being back. I stumbled upon an article that The Plunge was closing. For good. I was devastated. 

When I moved back to San Diego in August swimming was all I could think about. I tried the local YMCA on and off because I was desperate for a pool. It wasn't good enough. In October, I heard rumors The Plunge was going to open by the end of November. Basically they kept pushing it back. The end of December. The beginning of January. The middle of February. 

I run past the Wavehouse every day. Sometimes I'll walk around and peek through the windows and see if there is any progress on the repairs that need to be done. Last week I finally saw the pool was drained and saw some machinery, a promise things were finally moving along! 

When I ran on Saturday morning, I thought I'd take another look. I was hopeful but at the same time know how long its taken for anything to happen. I didn't expect any change. I peeked though the window and saw the pool was filled with water! I knew it had to finally be opening soon! I walked in and asked and was told March 1st. 

My friends, by the end of the week I will be swimming again!! Hopefully my skinny shorts will be fitting by summer!


Page Twenty-Two said...

YAY! That is great news for you! What a great workout that must be - swimming is so much fun! That place sounds awesome!

Emily said...

I also love swimming workouts, you've inspired me to start doing that again! So happy for you that your favorite spot is open again.

Ashley said...

I'm sure the pictures don't do that pool justice (like you said), but boy does it look huge! The only pools I ever swam in while in CO were our apartment pools hehe.

Kinsey Michaels said...

Leah, I'm so happy you found my blog!! I'll be sure to follow yours, it's fun to know others that moved to SD (and more than once, lol).
The Wavehouse is definitely an awesome place. I love going there around sunset and getting drinks at their bar, while the surfers are strutting their stuff on the flowrider.

Lesley @ my lively mind said...

Awesome, I'm happy for you! Swimming has definitely done your body good though. You look great. I love to swim and since we don't have a pool anymore, I don't have anywhere to go. Such a bummer!