Monday, February 27, 2012

Bittersweet Situation

This is sort of a combined post about two different things that end up coming together as one.

First of all I have to shout from the rooftops I love my job!
This is only a pretty big deal because I haven't been happy in a job since I was 16.
I can't even believe how different it feels to like work. Its such a great feeling to not dread Sunday nights turning into Monday mornings. I'm not overly excited to wake up early or lose my morning running/blogging routine -  but I don't mind being at work and thats big! I also hope I'm not speaking too soon about this.

 If you missed what it is that I've been doing, you can catch up here.

In a nutshell, I have a seasonal job working at a kayak rental place. Its right on the beach, the people that I work with are so much fun, the customers aren't bad either, and now that I somewhat know what I  am doing the busy times aren't so stressful they're actually fun. 

Things got way better on Friday when on my way to work I got an e-mail from my manager telling me what a great job I have been doing, how impressed she is with me and what an asset I am to the team. Things like that make you feel awesome inside and my already great attitude about the job got even better if it was possible at that point.

I've got some big changes around the corner, once again. If you've been around my blog for awhile you know that I've mentioned I am moving back to Michigan sometime at the end of the summer. Our lease is up at the end of July and July is when we have tentative plans to take action on that move. I'm in a tough position right now for a few reasons, one reason I mentioned last Wednesday. I'll be lost if I can't spend some time - even a couple days - at home this summer.

I haven't even really settled into my new job but I am already stressing about plans. I was happy to take a seasonal job over something I knew I would have to quit when I move. Seasonal equals not permanent and I won't feel bad leaving because the season will be over. Perfect right? Not exactly. 

July is in the middle of the busiest time of the season for kayak rentals. I feel like I can't just leave my job in the middle of the season. That decision became even harder once I received such great feedback about being such an asset at work. I could stay in California until after Labor Day and finish working so I don't feel like a bad person. If I do that, I'll miss out on any summer boating in Michigan.

I know what you may be thinking. There is always next summer for the boat. I don't think that way though. I know I can't live my life in "what if's" but if something were to happen to my dad between now and next summer, there is no more boat. The only reason I think like this is because I've seen too many of my friend's parents die unexpected lately.

Basically, over the next couple months, I have a very tough decision to make.
Do I leave work in the middle of the busiest time in order to move on with my life, or do I put my life off for a couple of months so I can be a good worker?

Meanwhile, these next five months are going to fly by. Leaving a place I love to be closer to the people I love is one of the hardest decisions I have to make. I love everything about California except for the fact my friends and family are over 2,000 miles away. There are so many things I will miss. But for now, I'll have to live these months in the moment and enjoy life!


Page Twenty-Two said...

Decisions like this are ALWAYS tough. Basically what it comes down to is that you have to do what's right for YOU and worry about yourself. I know its tough to not feel guilty about leaving the job, but you have to somehow forget about that and if you want to leave in July...leave in July:) Good luck with your decision:)

Kathleen said...

Man that would be a super tough decision! But ultimately you have to do what you feel is right for you. I'm sure your boss will understand why you have to leave and if you keep being great at work then there is always a chance that they would keep you on as seasonal, just in case you came back! :) I know this may sound corny, but just follow your heart! :)

Stephen said...

Aggh - difficult decision indeed. Can I offer my 2 cents worth? The authority for my views is in my own particular family situation at the moment. Basically, my wife and our two-year-old twin daughters are in the US. For various reasons (chiefly economic) I'm stuck in Australia until September/December this year. And my own family has been separated more than it's been together: The old man worked away for most of our childhoods, and one of my sisters have been living in another city since 1996 (and has spent most of the last 10 years in the Solomon Islands). So, my two cents would be to head back to Michigan for the time with your family that you've been promising yourself. Your new employer clearly thinks the world of you, but their business will survive without you. And as much as you clearly love California, it'll always be there (pace the San Andreas faultline). But your family - if you miss that chance, it's gone for good. And you'll never stop regretting it.

Good luck!

Ashley said...

Wait, wait, wait.... are you moving back to MI to stay... or just for this summer?! My husband and I were just talking about MI today, and we really want to get back sometime this summer for some relaxing summer time 'up north'. (:

I really miss northern MI in the summer. There is no place like it.... plus you should enjoy time with your parents while you can!

Kara said...

Do what makes YOU happy! The job is already a temporary job, right? Even though you might be leaving at the busiest time, the job would be coming to an end anyway. Give them some notice so they can hire someone else if they need to, but don't worry too much about it.

Amber said...

It is so nice to like your job, let alone LOVE your job! It sounds like you have a lot to think about, but maybe in your heart already know what you want to do? Go with your gut, girlie! Plus MI in July is pretty much my favorite, especially up north where you will be ;)