Friday, May 11, 2012

15 Again

Happy Friday everyone. And boy am I glad its Friday. Not just because I have a glorious three day weekend but I've never been so happy to get away from co-workers. 

I've mentioned before how I love my job. I've also mentioned how I met a new bff recently at work. What I have not mentioned is that I work in high school. 

Not literally. 

I work at a kayak shop. Yesterday was nothing short of drama, rumors and awkwardness. I am going to be 29 years old in one short month. I am above this. I won't go into detail. The drama makes me appreciate where I am in life and makes me grateful for M. Before becoming mixed up with the nonsense, my life was almost perfect. I say almost just because nothing is ever perfect. My life is normal. It is boring and quiet in a good way. Peaceful. And I'd like to keep it that way.

I still like my job. I still like my boss. What I do know is that I am in for a long summer. 

I was once in a bittersweet situation and unsure how to go about my future. 

Now, I am crossing my fingers that I get a job offer to leave sooner rather then later. 

Happy Friday my friends. 


Neely said...

That someecard is amazing and so true!

Ash said...

oh man girl... i HATED almost every single customer service/office job i had.. not because the job sucked, but because the people i worked with did. so i totally know what you mean.. and im sorry you gotta deal with this ish!

wine. wine will fix everything..

so will face punching... (now, im not advocating violence, but perhaps you look at your pillow this morning and think "hey, dumb hoe i work with, how's about a punch in the face?" and then you punch the pillow... nonviolent violence at its best..)

Monica said...

Having childish coworkers can be very very tiring. Hope things work out for the best!

Cori H. said...

Girl, I know how you feel! I have the same work environment. There is so much gossip and childish crap that goes on. What's worse is that these are 30-40 year old women. It's so crazy! Enjoy your days off!

Dee {Strings and Buttons} said...

Every job has its ups and downs and hopefully you'll get a job offer very soon. As cliche as this sounds, every down is followed by an up. It's just how things work. It's good to se that you have a good attitude about it. Best of luck! x