Thursday, May 3, 2012

Its Ok Thursday!

Its been awhile so today I am linking up for Its Ok Thursday!

So..Its OK

To be sad when I realize how many clothes I have, but still want to shop.

To wish I could go back and do college over. 

To think about all of the traveling and living places I still would love to do but know I'm at the age where I need to settle in to just one place.

That compared to a lot of people I've met lately I lead the most normal life you could imagine. And I'm grateful.

To miss my mom like I'm still a 5 year old.

To wonder what if...

To not like everyone I work with.

Its Ok Thursdays

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Katy said...

I say ok to many of those things as well. I have such a problem with buying new clothes! When I'm sad, happy, etc. I buy new clothes. There are things in my closet that I have worn once and then completely forgotten about. It's such a bad habit for me!