Friday, April 13, 2012

Colorado Living - Estes Park and Grand Lake

I still have so much more to cover about my two years in Colorado. I am a little overwhelmed where to pick up next. Camping in Colorado is so broad because we camped in so many locations so I am going to break it down and just fill you in on Estes Park and Grand Lake. 

Estes Park and Grand Lake were two great places in Colorado. Each town is on a different side of Rocky Mountain National Park, which is a whole other post of its own. 

We camped in both Estes Park and Grand Lake but we also made day trips out of both places. 

Both locations are full of wildlife. There are elk walking around town in Estes Park and there are moose in Grand Lake. Moose! It was my dream to see a moose and I am so happy I did!

This is the best picture I could get, he just didn't want to lift up his head and look at me!

We even saw baby moose! They were far away though. If only I had owned my Nikon when I lived in Colorado. 

In addition to seeing moose in Grand Lake, we hiked, camped and went to the brewery. 

watching a storm blow through - hiking at Grand Lake - setting up camp
Grand Lake summer 2010
Grand Lake - "beach" at Grand Lake - more views of the lake
Grand Lake summer 2011

And as it turns out, I can not find any pictures of the brewery. I'm sure they will turn up when I am not looking for them.

Moving on to Estes Park. Estes Park has a brewery and a couple of wineries that we took advantage of more than just once. We also went on a pretty awesome hike one fall when M's friends came to visit. Estes Park is also home of the Stanley Hotel where Stephen King got his inspiration to write The Shining. Not only that, the Stanley Hotel is famous from the movie Dumb and Dumber.

Stanley Hotel - race you to the top!

Hiking in Estes Park - Fall 2010

Group shot - then this is where the hike led us - Estes Park Fall 2010

After the hike we went to the brewery then the winery. I actually have a picture of the brewery!

We also spent some time camping in Estes Park. It was one of my favorite campgrounds and it was just inside Rocky Mountain National Park. 

Estes park camping summer 2011

This is kind of a jumbled post to fit it all in but I have more camping to share, more about Rocky Mountain National Park and I have yet to tell you about all of the Colorado breweries we visited. 


Ash said...

i always say, if i'm EVER going to leave CA, it will be to go to colorado (: i LOVE it there but havent been in maybe 10 years or so... itching to go back and camp with the hubby (:

The Sweet Life said...

For some reason I'm obsessed with moose so I adore that picture!!! This place look amazing!
Happy weekend!

Amber said...

How gorgeous is that park?!?!?!?! Def makes me want to go hiking/camping, ha! :)

Hope you are having an awesome time with your momma! When you get back to the blog world, I tagged you in a post, if you're feeling like some fun :)
Hope you have an awesome day!!!

Amy Powell said...

we love camping, but I've never had the opportunity to do it in such a beautiful place! thanks for sharing!

hope you had a great weekend :)

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